POP Paddleboards Huckleberry 11'0 Orange

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The 11’0? Huckleberry is designed to explore and feel the freedom of open water. Shaped with a ton of volume for its size, the Huckleberry is the ultimate cruiser. Ideal for touring rivers, lakes, harbors, and coastlines. Inspired by a certain you know who, doing you know what, down river. This board is two parts rebellion, two parts freedom, and three parts POPPIN! The unique bamboo veneer showcases our Naturetech construction in high definition, displaying the natural wood layer, making every board look one of a kind.

Length11‘0?Rocker ShapeMedium
Width32Tail ShapeSquash
Thickness4 3/4?Bottom ShapeSingle to Double Concave
Volume204 LitersRail ShapeRound-Rolled
Weight27 PoundsRider Weight100 – 245 Pounds
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